ALS Advocacy: Why I Raise Money for ALS Research

ALS Advocacy: Why I Raise Money for ALS Research

The pain of seeing someone you love go through a disease that slowly paralyzes you is unforgivable and gut wrenching.

My mom was my dad’s primary care giver. I became his secondary when I moved in with them in June of 2019 to help lessen the burden on my mom.

Being a caregiver was TOUGH, but oddly, I really miss it. It was the most special time in my life and I’ll never ever forget it.

My dad progressed fast, and with ALS, the changes were constant and at times it felt impossible to keep up. Just when you think you conquered a new challenge, another thing happens to the body that you must adjust to. 

I am so incredibly grateful to have had the special relationship that I did with my dad, as well as that time with him. 

I live my life with the passion to make my dad proud. I strive to be humble and kind, hard-working and compassionate in his name. Everything I do at Palettes and Petals is in his honor.

I hope that he is looking upon me with joy and excitement for the woman I am becoming.


ALS is not incurable, it is under funded.

Together, we can turn loss in to survival.






I shared my dad’s story over at I Am ALS.

"Being his caregiver was and will be the most important and life-changing event of my life."

This is Selena's story about her dad who was taken too soon because of ALS:

Even amidst the loss of a parent, Selena hasn't given up hope. She currently donates to ALS research and advocates for the cause through her small business, Palettes and Petals.

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Thank you for what you are doing. I too have been and continue to use my art to raise awareness and funds for ALS. I lost a dear friend Bobby Forster on June 12,2023. His team is riding in the trek right now. I’m @locuststreetstudios

Paula Borsetti

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