How to Stop Losing Your Earrings

How to Stop Losing Your Earrings


Tired of losing your earrings?

Wear the earnuts!

Earnuts are the tiny little silicone backs that come with your earrings to keep them on the earrings card. But did you know they are useful for keeping your earrings on your ears too?


Chosen for being easy on and easy off, these earnuts are the most common found on post-style earrings. They're a flat plate with a hole in the center that slides onto the post and presses up against the ear. Friction earnuts have scrolls of metal curve up and grip the sides of the post with a little bit of friction. They come in a range of sizes, metals, platings and styles. Up until recently, I did not have these available with my post style earrings.

Despite their popularity, these type of earnuts still carry their own challenge. Over time, they can easily lose their grip on the post. This is because the metal tension can give way or fade, dropping off the back of the post and leaving the earring without the security of an earnut (our worst fear)! If you are skilled with a pair of round nose pliers, that tension can sometimes be repaired, but eventually they will need to be replaced.



The most affordable ones out there, and easily replaceable, these silicone earnuts are ideal for wearers with metal and latex sensitivities. Originally designed for use with post-style earrings, they are also useful for adding security to hook-style earrings. First time customers, I always include a tiny baggy of extra silicone earnuts and also offer a pack of 40 for $1 here.

The biggest challenge to bell earnuts is that they are also at a disadvantage when worn with heavy post-style earrings (similar to styles that I carry). The transparency and low profile make them easy to wear but also easy to lose.


It is HIGHLY recommended to always wear the silicone bell earnuts with your hook earrings! The hooks I use for all my gold toned earrings are gold plated stainless steel. These are hypoallergenic while still being affordable, but due to their style, they do require that extra bit of security.


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