What is sustainable jewelry?

What is sustainable jewelry?

What makes Palettes and Petals earrings sustainable?

I use sustainable materials whenever possible: materials that have a low environmental impact such as recycled metals, glass, gemstones, and natural materials like wood or bamboo.

Waste Reduction: I avoid generating waste by using scraps and leftovers from other jewelry making projects.

Non-toxic materials: To ensure that the production process does not harm the environment or human health, I stopped using epoxy resin and have switched to primarily gemstone and glass beads.

Locally Sourced: I try to source materials from local suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting materials over long distances.

Eco-friendly packaging: I use tissue paper and tape from Noissue, a company dedicated to providing sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials. In some packages, I may use compostable peanuts as well.

*If you ever have a little plastic baggy in your package (for extra ear nuts or to hold necklaces), they are being reused! Many of my findings are delivered in tiny little baggies, so I reuse these to keep them from being one-time use item! I encourage you to find a way to reuse them as well.

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