Why Creatives Should Take a Break

Why Creatives Should Take a Break

Personal Intro. Skip ahead if you just want the recipe ;)

Hey, hi! It's your pal Sal checking in. How was your July? How is summer treating you? Do you have a subtle yet dark anxiety hanging over your head in regards to July being the hottest month since records have been kept, and likely the hottest in 120,000 years? 🥵

Maybe this record breaking heat wave has not really touched down in your neck of the woods, but this is my second summer living in Atlanta, and for some reason, this one seems relentless compared to last. Many of you know I am a lover of running and walking, but lately the heat has made me a prisoner to my home. It's been quite depressing.

However, that's only part of the reason I've been so absent on social media. Along with some health...changes, I have been doing a lot of reevaluating and disconnecting.

It all started when I had been prepping for my third market event of the year at the beginning of the month. I was SO excited because I had applied to be in this market several times and was finally accepted. It had a good reputation of being busy, with curated vendors, and a fun vibe. So even with a decline in my energy, I did the best I could to prep some new inventory, and spruce up my booth display a bit too.

And, well, you guessed it. The day was a total bust. It was CRAZY hot out therefore not many people were venturing outside. I also made the small business mistake of not recognizing that the summer months are slow for sales, and I should have adjusted my expectations.

It was disheartening and discouraging to say the least.

Following the event, my energy levels took an even bigger decline, and social media started to feel like a chore that I could not keep up with or get excited about anymore. I was so tired of trying to promote and sell, and make content that yielded 'results,' that I completely shut down.

I am fortunate that Palettes and Petals is not my only job, and not what pays my bills, so I could afford to take an unplanned break. And after a couple of weeks of just completely disconnecting, I'm starting to enter a phase of reevaluating.

- What do I want out of Palettes and Petals?
- What are my goals for this passion project?
- Do I need to start making different products? More necklaces, more bracelets, more options for little girls, more high end options, or more affordable options?
- Do I want to get back into painting, my original form of art that I loved so much?

So... many... questions!

And now for the recipe,

Why Creatives Should Take a Break


In the world of running, there is a common practice of taking a couple weeks off of training to let your body rest and avoid injury due to over training.
Creativity is no different. Sometimes we need to take a break.
When we force ourselves to keep pushing, we forget our WHY, and lose that intimate connection to our art, the connection that yields the passion for creating in the first place. We stop doing things that help fuel the inspiration to create and instead just try to create like a machine.

In the fitness world, pushing the body beyond its limits without proper rest can result in overtraining. This leads to diminished physical performance, increased risk of injury, and a decline in overall health.

In the realm of creativity, the mind serves as the ultimate canvas. Just like a muscle, the brain needs time to recover from intense periods of work. Without adequate rest, mental fatigue can set in, hindering creativity, and leading to burnout. Taking a break allows the mind to recharge, promoting clarity, and fostering fresh ideas.

So, just as athletes need ample time to recover for their bodies to perform optimally, creatives require mental rejuvenation.

Creativity thrives when the mind is relaxed and free from constant pressure. Allowing oneself to step away from creative pursuits grants the subconscious mind the opportunity to process information and make connections that may have otherwise been overlooked. Many renowned creatives have attributed their best ideas to moments of downtime!

As creatives, we often encounter periods where inspiration seems elusive, leading to creative blocks or plateaus. Continuously pushing through these periods without a break can exacerbate the issue and intensify feelings of frustration and self-doubt (a-hem, that has definitely been my case recently)!

So here I am to remind you, and myself, that taking regular breaks enhances focus and productivity. When we step away from our work and engage in other activities, we can return with a fresh perspective and newfound energy.

Ultimately, the concept of taking a break is crucial for being your best self and overall well-being.

As creatives, we must recognize that taking a break is not a sign of weakness or lack of commitment but an essential step towards unlocking our true potential. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed by creative demands, remember to hit the pause button, indulge in some downtime, and then when you feel ready (no one is timing you), watch as your creativity soars to new heights!


I don't know about you, but I am not a machine. And I'm still learning to recognize when I start acting like one. Over the years I have always felt the need to keep going, keep pushing through- to prove myself as successful and good enough (no, I have not seen the Barbie movie yet, but I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy it).

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